2015 HADDOCK & CO / NERO / DIAOULIK are three propositions of decor and graphic design scenario for a fish restaurant in Paris (which means one space configuration with notice to make minimum changes specially for the bar entrance) Each scenario includes also the research for a name. A trend also previously defined, corresponds to each scenario : HADDOCK & CO : SCANDINAVIAN MARKET NERO : CHIC INDUS DIAOULIK: RECUP VINTAGE (DIaoulik stand for little devil, in old Brittany language) Each proposal is introduced by the name and logo design, base for the future graphic designs developments; then follows : a material mood board / two illustrations of the place / some light and furniture boards. Although the project was not produced, I pushed a little further those proposals, specially on the graphic design part. The projects and their contents are therefore available, do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested!