NEOLICE is a French company based in Feltin in the center of France, not far from Aubusson city the French historical cradle of tapestry. NEOLICE is one of the first French company which has renewed the tapestry production process by inventing a computer program connected to the loom, allowing to considerably shorten the production time, keeping the high end quality of the product. In 2009 at the invitation of François Delclaux, home designer and trend consultant, and aside of other designers as Sam Baron, I created and proposed a series of designs in order to create a first catalogue, illustrating the technical possibilities and renewing the style. I opted for a narrative and eclectic path with among other things, historical allusion (LEGEND), a work on the pattern and the texture (TREE TRAM), a modern and naive style (SIM CITY), a poetical and conceptual orientation (CITY LIGHT).